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Cantilever & Sliding Gates

Rowley Engineering was among the first manufacturers in Great Britain to embrace the new technologies of automated cantilever & sliding gates in the late 80’s. Since then we have specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of some of the most impressive automated gates found throughout the country.

As with all our products Rowley Engineering specialises in the bespoke market, as such, gates are designed to meet client’s needs, rather than offering a standard product as a compromise. Working in partnership with HCS automation, Rowley’s has the experience to offer a competitively priced product utilising the highest quality components, the majority of which are manufactured in house.

Whether you require a basic robust barrier, or a more adventurous and decorative system, we have a solution that will offer the best value for your budget. Calculations can be commissioned for specific purpose gates, or conventional designs can be adapted to create your bespoke cantilever or sliding gate.

All Health and safety aspects are addressed on each site’s merits, and agreed at the concept stage. Any moving parts that qualify as machinery meet relevant British Standards as a minimum.